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11th November Sales Amount Reaches RMB142 Million! This “National Brand’ has Strength


AG真人视讯         After 12:00 at night on 11th November, the gross sales amount of Tmall was more than RMB120.7 billion and made a new record again. As for the cosmetic products, the sales amount ranking in top five places showed the Chinese people have enthusiasm and consumption capacity for cosmetic consumption.


If being a national brand, victory must be won for the battle on 11th November

       Since the supreme honor of “national brand” has just been won, the battle soon www.hnhuafei.cning on 11th November bewww.hnhuafei.cnes the main battlefield for Uniasia to present the brand position and start the marketing campaign.

        For making the brand to be young, fostering the consumer’s favor and loyalty, Meifubao (a brand with a history of 18 years and subject to Uniasia up to today) conducted online integrated www.hnhuafei.cnmunication. During preparation period for 11th November, one original H5-The Emperor is just the make-up blog writer in past time?! Was popular among the friend circles; cooperating with Tmall Brand Candidate star live broadcasting activities, Meifubao made interaction with the net friends, with the star and network popular figure and great promotion, Meifubao won the championship among the nine brands at that day, and got the popularity championship with the 22 million clicks. Such online activities can not only win young consumers’s recognition for Meifubao, and also provided as solid base for 11th November www.hnhuafei.cning soon.


         Franic had significant breakthrough in supermarket, outlets and E-www.hnhuafei.cnmerce channels, has settled down in such international KA malls as Watsons, Walmarket and so on; on the date of the E-www.hnhuafei.cnmerce famous brands, sales amount at Taobao reached RMB7 million; for outlet channels, key layout is made at the high-quality outlets, the activities of a million ground generalization persons were smoothly conducted via the New Song. As an important milestone for examining the brand performance at the end of the year, during 11th November period, Franic started the online and offline linked mode again, and launched the marketing campaign of “11th November for people, favor for people”.


         On 11th November 2016, Seeyoung made best use of the multiple platform and multiple point sales mode of the washing and care products, the platforms within and out Taobao interacted, not only at Tmall flagship stores, Tmall outlet and Tmall supermarket, the sales amount at such channels outside Taobao as Jingdong, VIPS, Jumei and so on also developed, many international daily-use chemical giants were defeated, and Seeyoung finally won the golden medal for the E-www.hnhuafei.cnmerce channel sales ranking.


For creating “Uniasia age”, each step shall be done well

        11th November is not only a festival for E-www.hnhuafei.cnmerce, but also a festival for sales of all channels, and is also www.hnhuafei.cnpetition among brands. Development of a brand needs mutual supplement and cooperation of different channels, each step shall mutually link. Only in these ways, greater enhancement can be realized, and more market recognition and favors from the consumers can be obtained.

        As for the marketing strategy, Uniasia attaches great importance to interlinking effect of brand www.hnhuafei.cnmunication. For example, in this year, Franic got the naming right of New Songs in China that is the most popular real person show program in this summer. Franic also fast enhance its brand influence with the popular play, has obtained exposure for more than 124 million times, and created the new summit for brand www.hnhuafei.cnmunication. By virtue of New Songs in China, Franic pushed the start single product-rose flower bulb lotion, which is popular in China and whose sale amount is also good.


         Besides the above, Uniasia places the consumer’s experience and feel at the most important place for forging the brand. Hu Xingguo, Chairman of Uniasia has ever expressed, for a new product to be offered in the market, you shall ask yourself whether you are willing to use it or not, whether you like to use it or not. Only your answers are yes, it is necessary to generalize it to the consumers. For appearance of a new product, Uniasia generally takes at least two years for R & D and www.hnhuafei.cnmissioning, conducts scores, even more than hundred tests, finally provides it to the customers to use without worry, and continuously improves and upgrades the product based on the subsequent market feedback, brings better product experiences for the consumers. Thus, the brand can bewww.hnhuafei.cne the “national brand” that can stand the test.


         For proving the force of a national brand or making a winning brand battle through “11th November”, the force presented by Uniasia in 11th November battle is indubitable. Reviewing its performance in this year, Uniasia starts the marketing campaign with the channel operation via three-dimensional advertising, takes high-voice publicity as the core of the www.hnhuafei.cnmunication strategy, strengthens the brand market www.hnhuafei.cnpetitiveness with image innovation, shapes the new height at each step, and practices the responsibility of the national brand and dream of “Uniasia age”.