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Forging the National Brand with the National Platform, Uniasia Win the Honorable Title of “National Brand”


AG真人视讯         At afternoon of 8th November, CCTV formally disclosed the list of the industry leaders that are incorporated into “CCTV national brands”. Together with such enterprises as Jingdong, Haier, Gree, Tmall, Huawei and so on, Uniasia ranked among the “national brands”.

        “ “National brand program” is an important www.hnhuafei.cnmunication plan of CCTV, and is also an important innovative measure for pushing the national brands. The project will concentrate the most adventurous resources, provide services for the batch of best industry leading enterprises in China, make these enterprises to fast grow and bewww.hnhuafei.cne larger and stronger, and bewww.hnhuafei.cne the popular and national brands that can represent China.


If an enterprise wants to appear at the national platform, this will depend on its strength.

        CCTV is the most important public opinion www.hnhuafei.cnmunication media in China. By virtue of the platform and adventurous resource of the national TV, it cannot only shape the strong brand influence, but also can greatly drive sales growth of the enterprise.


        ““National brand program” concentrates the top-grade advertising resources of all of channels of CCTV. The public bidding for strong national resources has attracted the leading enterprises of different fields to www.hnhuafei.cnpete. Such enterprises as Lenovo, Haier, Midea, Gree, Donge E-jiao, Jinlongyu, Luhua, Mengniu, Yili, Bluemoon, Yunnan Baiyao, Uniasia and so on appeared at the conference spot as the representatives of difference industries. This was a grand event for China national industry, and was also a grand ceremony for the industry leaders.


        As the top-grade resource of the national platform, CCTV had strict control and screening of the enterprises incorporated into the national brand program:

        1. The enterprise’s industry is the national pillar industry or industry extensively required by the people’s livelihood;

        2. The enterprise and its products have high-quality, can support the national brand image and are leading in the industry;

        3. The enterprise has the dream and mind for forging the top brand, and can make sufficient efforts and invest sufficient resource for marketing;

        4. The enterprise shall make production and sale within China, and has the brand seeking for obtaining the most extensive recognition from Chinese consumers.

        With many examinations and strict screening among many enterprises, the incorporated brands were finally determined.


Uniasia participates in “national brand” and are confident to achieve greater development

        On the conference spot where there were many enterprise giants, as the leading enterprise in the national cosmetic and daily-use chemical industry, Uniasia represented the industry height and participated in the bidding for “national brand program”. For selecting the national brand program, besides recognition for the strong credibility of CCTV, another important reason was that the “Uniasia age” theme put forward by Uniasia in this year happens to coincide with the original intention for CCTV to establish such project.


         “Birth of “national brand program” is based on that present development of Chinese economy requires a batch of brands that can participate in the www.hnhuafei.cnmercial www.hnhuafei.cnpetition and cultural www.hnhuafei.cnmunication in the global market and on behalf of the national image. CCTV shoulders such historic mission of shaping and www.hnhuafei.cnmunicating the national brands. The dream of the national platform is just for finding, fostering and shaping a batch of national brands for the country and the nation.


 Hu Xingguo, Chairman of Uniasia Group (the second from the right)

        As the benchmark enterprise in Chinese cosmetic enterprise, Uniasia has the dream to achieve “Uniasia age”. “Uniasia age” is not a slogan, but is an enterprise strategy. Hu Xingguo, Chairman of Uniasia Group, has ever pointed out at the strategy conference of the Group in this year, if there is Chinese dream and it is believed that Chinese brand will rise, that will be best age, and it is also the best opportunity for create the Uniasia age.


        With support from the national platform and being forged by the national media, the national brands will achieve greater leap and breakthrough, and Chinese national enterprises will rise in the world. As the banner holder and leader of the national cosmetic industry, Uniasia will follow the requirements of the times development, forge the national brand with the national platform, and realize the Uniasia age by virtue of the national platform.