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Uniasia Age-The 8th Enterprise Annual Conference of Uniasia Group is Grandly Held


AG真人视讯         On 19the December 2016, the 8th www.hnhuafei.cnpany Annual Conference of Uniasia Group with theme of “Uniasia Age” was held at Dongguan Jiahua Hotel. Mr. Hu Xingguo (Chairman of Uniasia Group), Mrs. Wu Zhiqing (the CEO) and several thousand Uniasia employees, and many important guests at home and abroad, had a get-together in Dongguan and participated in such conference. At the conference site just like as the time travel passage, the guests on the spot took “splendid” train of Uniasia Group and jointly traveled to “Uniasia Age” in 2017. 



Looking back to the year of dram, striving toward the Uniasia age

        The theme of the annual conference of Uniasia Group is “Uniasia age”. In fact, early at the group strategy meeting held in this October, Chairman Hu Xingguo has put forward such grand prospect, and Uniasia has put its own strategic goal at the age height. Uniasia age is a great strategy that has been prepared, conducted and generally arranged for many years. The Group addresses itself to the grand goal that the Group will bewww.hnhuafei.cne the leader of natural cosmetic and practice the brand internationalization for Uniasia to create an age, and this also the theme and strategic ideas throughout the Uniasia age.

        At the opening speech for the evening party, Chairman Hu Xingguo said that, many enterprises develop with difficulties in 2016, but Uniasia still achieves fine performance. Chairman Hu expressed that, Uniasia practices the structural reform of the supply side put forward by President Xi, namely structural adjustment is pushed with the reform method from such levels as quality improvement, R & D and innovation and so on, the adaptability and flexibility of supply structure for the demand change are improved, total factor productivity is improved. In this way, consumers’ demands can be better met, and sustainable and healthy development of the Group and brands can be promoted. “Putting forward the Uniasia age, we not only need courage, and more need wisdom. We are confident to bewww.hnhuafei.cne one of national brands, and we also have strategy to forge the national brand.”


Hu Xingguo, Chairman of Uniasia Group


        Looking back to 2016, in this year, Uniasia has obtained many proud achievements. Meifubao declared to www.hnhuafei.cnprehensively settle down at the first-tier department stores, the brand style is transformed with entirely-new strategic layout; Franic got the naming right for top-grade song program-New Song in Chin, and presented the great www.hnhuafei.cnmunication influence; Seeyoung became the sales champion of washing and care products at whole network in 11th November battle; Youya advertisement was broadcast at the main satellite TV, and deeply cooperated with important media for publicizing the brand; MOR single product flagship store have been opened at Melbourne and Sydney, and have won great recognition and favors from the customers. In addition, by virtue of the force of IBM (an top-grade consulting www.hnhuafei.cnpany in the world), the Group has introduced SAP management system, furthers enhance the integration of industrialization and informatization of the Group, and the Group has won the honorable tiles of “pilot project of intelligent manufacturing in Guangdong Province in 2016” and “pilot for integration and innovation of Internet and industry in Guangdong Province in 2016”.

        Since 1990, the Group has developed up to today. Uniasia has been persisting in and working at the first line of the industry and has continuously made innovation. Mrs. Wu Zhiqing, CEO of the Group, expressed with emotion that, Uniasia has developed for 26 years, youth will pass, but the dream will be more splendid. Just for making the dream to further bewww.hnhuafei.cning reality, in recent years, Uniasia Group has executed the high-voice strategy. CEO Wu held that, providing the preliminary base for the brand and forging the brand popularity is the important step for helping the terminals to achieve good sales. “Brand building is closely related to www.hnhuafei.cnmunication, different characteristics of various media can provide more assistance for the brands.” 


Wu Zhiqing, CEO of Uniasia (picture above)


Forging the national brand, illustrating the blueprint of the age


        Shouldering the important mission of “national brand”, the new march of 2017 will be started. By virtue of the annual conference, Uniasia strongly declared its confidence to bewww.hnhuafei.cne the leader of natural cosmetic and the decision to bewww.hnhuafei.cne an enterprise practicing the brand internationalization to the world. During the development for nearly 30 years, Uniasia’s persistence and innovation at R & D, production and management levels have been witnessed by the industry counterparts. Presently, the giant in this industry will cry for the more prosperous future with its greater vigor. 


Cheng Yingqi, Vice Marketing President of Uniasia Group (picture above)
Sworn by the leaders of various brand marketing business centers of Uniasia Group (picture below)


As the first year of Uniasia age, in 2017, for the new strategic blueprint of the Group, five major brands will own more clearer roles and many important activities will be held for support. Meifubao and Pinguan Media have reached strategic cooperation to forge the new industry height; Australian Franic product series will be pushed soon, and the products have obtained cosmos organic certification of EU;Seeyoung will innovate the variety layout, the market share will be strongly expanded with one important upgrade and two new products appeared in the market, and will continuously lead the new development trend of silicone oil free head skin care; Youya essential oil series will appear in the market colorfully, and lead the new tide of essential oil skin care in the industry; MOR single product flagship stores will be successively settle down in such 15 countries as China, Australia, USA, Japan, France, UK, Spain, Italia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, United Arab Republic and so on. Be on the tiptoe of expectation, in the next year, Meifubao, Franic, Seeyoung, Youya and MOR subject to Uniasia will jointly participate in CBE Shanghai Beauty Expo, this will be the first show for the five major brands to collectively appear in the industry grand event.